I spy with my little eye…


It all started with the desire to play – with and against each other…

Inspired by the strong urge to play as well as the blurred, fluid transitions between pleasure and displeasure; winner and loser; play and reality, the piece is a playground full of energy and charm.

“Bodies become an adventure playground to be crawled into, out of and balanced upon in a make believe world of devilishly sweet interactions.”

Mandy Richards, Aerowaves, The Place London

“Desire to play, desire and play are always present… including the smile at the end.”

Thierry Frochaux, P.S. June 28th, 2007


Concept and choreography: Jessica Huber
Dance and choreographical collaboration: Simone Blaser, Mickaël Henrotay Delaunay, Mariusz Jedrzejewski, Jessica Huber
Music (live): Chris Durussel
Scenography: Mickaël Henrotay Delaunay
Lighting: Guillaume Gex
Feedback: Philippe Weissbrodt, Christina Gehrig Binder
Production: A®TEM
Co-production: Tanzhaus Zürich
Residency: Théâtre Sévelin 36, Lausanne

Length: 43 min.